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Frequenty Asked Questions

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What is 1-6-8?

During the screening and approval process of a tenant, we discuss 1-6-8 extensively to have an understanding of our policy. The rent is due on the 1st , late on the 6th, and on the 8th, we post a three-day notice to "pay or quit". We ask our tenants that if the rent is going to be late, to please notify us as soon as possible so that we can try and make arrangements. We try to eliminate any further action such as starting the eviction process, which could cost the tenants more financial hardships.

What needs to be done to prepare my property to rent?

To attract the best quality renter the house should be clean, carpets professionally cleaned, and walls painted with a neutral color. Window coverings are a standard practice for privacy and safety. The lawn should be mowed, trimmed and debris removed--A lawn service is optional. Your property manager may suggest some repairs, when necessary.

How are repairs handled?

With our 90 day inspections, we try to minimize repairs and costs. Tenants are encouraged to email or call in any requests. We have qualified independent maintenance people at reasonable rates. The landlord has already established an authorized monthly expense budget for the property manager without having to notify the landlord. The monthly statement will show all activity. The property manager will be responsible for handling all emergency calls.

Why should I hire a property manager?

If you live local, can market your property, have the time and experience to handle all the necessary issues that arise, and have access to competent legal advice, you could manage your own property. Otherwise, a property manager may be right for you and doesn't cost much.

How do you choose a tenant?

Bad things are happening to good people today. Loss of jobs, loss of hours, cut in pay, etc. We review their tri-merge credit report, eviction record (if any), criminal background (if any), ask for the last two paycheck stubs, verify employment, and interview them. Self employed applicants are asked for 3 years tax returns.

Why should I hire you as my property manager?

You need to be kept abreast as issues arise so there are no surprises. We are available 24/7 should you have any questions. It's that personal touch that many other companies do not offer.

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